Michael Danforth Visit – May 2016

Landslide government of God will rise up. You will be the move. It will not just be another revival, but a habitation. Enter into the kingdom not a movement.

A few weeks back we were blessed to have Michael Danforth visit with us. We had some exciting times with the regular meeting of His Arrival Fellowship at Lyn Joyful’s house. Below is a summary of the word of the Lord that Michael delivered.

  • Shout of the Lord and all of a sudden it is highlighted
  • Get ready for a landslide
  • Everything in government related. Love is ultimate. Government is in conflict. You will either govern or be governed.
  • Shifting to governing at a higher level.
  • Things that you will govern and a revelation of kingdom identity.
  • Low point is an illusion and not reality. Heavenly places are in you. Something that looks immovable must give way.
  • You will govern
  • You will be the move
  • The earth will react when there a re governmental shifts, but we can speak peace. It’s not a competition.
  • Presidential race is a landslide to God’s cause. There is momentum that can move huge things. Physics should not govern.
  • God sees you in the light of your full potential
  • The church is moving into a new level of unity.
  • Identify with the resurrected
  • When the landslide moves, it reveals what is beneath


Michael also ministered at the church downtown at the Quality Inn. Here are some additional things he brought forth.

  • This is a governmental gathering
  • Each of us is governing a sphere.
  • Everything is related to government.
  • Things governing a country will no longer govern. Kingdom government.
  • We are destined to govern all things.
  • Husbanding correctly is governmental.
  • Become a parent of knowledge.
  • We need to be parents.
  • Create a force in the Spirit. Unity.
  • Unity is not based on a belief system.
  • The light and love of God are connected.
  • Creation is light related.
  • Worship in in Spirit and Truth, arise shine for your light has come.
  • Levels of knowledge breaking forth.
  • Trump will prepare the way like John the Baptist for a new government.
  • Trump is like a Moses. Moses was not like a politician.
  • He needs an interpreter and so does Trump.
  • Defeat and failure are illusions. Set us free from illusions such as a contested convention
  • Not competitive race in heaven.
  • Open his eyes so he can see what governs me.
  • Gateway of government into the land
  • Landslide government of God will rise up.
  • Will not just be another revival, but a habitation
  • Enter into the kingdom not a movement



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