Michael Danforth Song – May 2016

Not an orphan, but a son

More than flesh and blood born from above.

Beacon of love for everyone to see,

I will shine through you.

I will heal your heart…Set me free.

Heal my mind I am free with an everlasting love.

I am free.

Free to create and reveal treasure in me.

For this day I was born.

Acknowledge sound of heaven and gifts to occupy earth.

Prosperity I have given through wisdom and understanding.

Speak and love, declarations too.

See and heart.

To the sons in this room begin to walk in your authority.

I waited for the time when you would shine. Shine like you have never shone before.

Are you not the nation of heaven. I will lift you up

as you have lifted up to me.

Liftingnations into heaven, lift up government not of this earth.

My government invading through prophets.

Walls and gates. Vision spirit will come down,

Kingdom reign. You are looking at the day.

Government of love and peace and this is time and season for my kingdom to rise.

You are brighter and brighter light.


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