Moving with the Holy Spirit

MOVING4The Foundation of Moving with the Holy Spirit

Global FuZion operates on the foundation of Moving with the Holy Spirit. By living and moving and having our being through abiding in Christ in intimacy, action and direction, we find ourselves in divine alignment with what God seems to be doing in many other places and ways.


This approach creates divine appointments and assignments locally, regionally, nationally and internationally that puts Kingdom realities into motion. The wind blows us and our sails are out to catch that wind and move where He wants us to move.


Moving with the Holy Spirit means that sometimes form follows leading, planning follows action, wineskin development follows the pouring out of the wine. Sometimes the burden and crisis drives the leading of the Holy Spirit to leave the 99 and reach the one who is lost, to rescue people on the brink, or to go through a door being supernaturally opened. From the outside looking in, this type of work can appear to be “unstructured.” In fact we have experienced a supernatural divine structuring that is beyond comprehension, but magnificently and gloriously realized.


Over the years, Gobal FuZion has moved with the Holy Spirit such as taking a trip to Kenya Africa without knowing a soul, but then being divinely connected to people there in a way that led to amazing doors opened and taking large mission groups to Nairobi. The journey began with Angel living under a bridge to reach the lost, traveling to New York City to minister on the streets, traveling with healing evangelists around the world, starting various works, being instant in season and out of season. At Global FuZion at any given time there is a tapestry of works and outreaches that constitute the leading of the Holy Spirit who is orchestrating something way beyond us and connecting us with what He is doing worldwide.


clockA Vision that Explained What We Were Already Doing

One time while Grace Wilson and I, Angel Willson, were putting together an apostolic mission team to Kenya Africa from the Northwest, Grace had a vision of an old fashioned cogs that you would find in clocks. In her vision, when one of the cog wheels  began to move, it put all the other cogs into motion.  Each cog was a nation. She says these cogs were  in the form of a globe.  As we move by revelation from the Spirit of God, it puts things in motion that affect all the nations of the world!


The key here is understanding that the leading and moving with the Holy Spirit came first, then came a divine revelation of what God was doing. It’s an exciting thing to be led and divinely connected. So it’s not just our personal way of doing things, it’s the way we as an organization seek to operate.


azusa2What is God Doing NOW? Azuza 2016

Angel and Grace were recently at the Call, AZUSA NOW with Lou Engle at the LA Memorial Colisseum in April 2016.  It was on 110th anniversary of AZUSA Street Outpouring. We believe this was an activation for a new awakening that is happening in our nation.  The emphasis of this impartation and activation convergence of 70,000 people had a lot to do with intimacy with God, reconciliation and relationship with others, forgiveness and power evangelism.   70 percent of the gathering were youth and they were praying for many people outside of the stadium for two weeks as well as within the stadium during the one day event and had many supernatural experiences of healings and miracles!   Todd White was featured as a national role model of supernatural evangelism at the AZUSA NOW Gathering.


Another Key by the Spirit: The Native Americans

The Native Americans also had a revelation that as they forgave the white man, that they had the power to release revival and awakening in the USA! Jesus gave us the power to remit or to forgive sins!  These natives decided to use the power to forgive their enemies and to release the Glory of God into the land!