Foundations of Prophetic and Evangelistic Music and Dance

HarpI had a revelation from the Lord in the mid 80’s.  I was in prayer one day and the Spirit asked me if I could do anything for eternity, what would that be?

I knew that I had to go deep into my heart, because, like when King Solomon was asked by the Lord what he’d like when given an option of anything,  he asked for wisdom to guide the nation of Israel.


I thought about what I loved the most.  I became aware that I always loved singing and dance.  I spent alot of times in creative movement in dance clubs with the powerful music, lights and sound.   I knew that singing and dancing would always be my first love.


So I said deep in my heart to the Lord, knowing that he gave me the love for those arts, that he was going to incorporate that into the rest of my life, on this earth in my ministry and in eternity.


I spoke this out….  ” I would like to sing and dance before your throne in worship to you forever.”

He responded back to me,   “And so you will.”


The manifest Presence came powerfully upon me and filled me for the next 2 hours.  I was aware that this was real.  Also I realized that it was beyond only before the throne, but that it would be part of my DNA in all that I am and would do.


Since then,  all of the works that I start and develop incorporates prophetic music and dance as they key element, without fail.  It’s now who I am in the core and as you will see on this Global Fuzion website, the prophetic worship/evangelism ministries carry these elements.