Meet Angel Willson

angelAngel Willson is from Spokane, Washington. He was given up at birth for adoption and graduated from Shadle High School. He went to Hollywood, California and had an inner encounter with the reality of the God, the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Angel turned from his former way of life, living against God’s ways and surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ and the Call of God that was being placed upon him.


Angel had this divine encounter in the middle of Santa Monica Blvd. for several hours that culminated in a conversion experience at 2:00am in the middle of the street. Angel gave his heart and life to the the Lord and to the purposes of God’s Kingdom ad God would reveal it over time.


Angel has been walking with the Lord now for 33 years. Angel spearheaded the evangelistic movement that sparkplugged a street church in Spokane called, The City Gate that has been a church for the homeless and those struggling with addictions since 1987.


Angel found his birthmother in 1988, who was a ‘Women’s Aglow’ member from Albany-Corvallis Oregon. Angel prayed for his Mom and she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They both went into ministry together at Corvallis Foursquare Sonrise Center….Angel as a worship leader, and youth activities assistant, and his birth-mother Carolyn, became the secretary. They ministered to many people.


Angel met a woman named Grace Wilson in Corvallis, who knew Angel’s birthmother before he did. Grace helped Angel for 3 months in small revival services and then continued to work with him for the purposes of God’s Kingdom now for 25 years. Angel and Grace are the Founders and Overseers of Global FuZion.


Angel has ministered in diverse ways in several countries, including: Seoul, Korea; Cornwall, England; Kenya, Africa; Israel; Mexico; Russia; Canada and South Africa. Angel has also ministered, spoken, and walked into divine appointments throughout the United States.


He was invited as a 2 week guest to minister at Times Square Church in New York City under the ministry of David Wilkerson. David Wilkerson prophesied over Angel that he would become a firebrand in the nation! Angel ministered with supernatural signs, wonders and miracles, in all of the inner city street ministries of Times Square Church.


Angel operates now as an apostle in his region, starting and cultivating regional prophetic oriented fellowships, innovative downtown inner city evangelism and mission teams……one coming up next spring to Venice Beach! Angel also has been sent by God to Southern California to work with Meri Crouley Ministries to awaken God’s people to the harvest through the Mountain of Media. Angel is working with Meri Crouley on a movie about Lonnie Frisbee, who was the Catalyst of the Jesus People Movement to Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard… He struggled with homosexuality and was written out of the history books for activating the worldwide movement. He was chosen by God even in his weakness, isolation and confusion, and he is being re-honored and this movie will turn many hearts of LGBT back to the indescribable love of the Heavenly Father!


Angel is currently writing books, one of them called, Over the Rainbow-God’s Eye for the Gay Guy. This book is about Angel’s life, conversion to Christ and his journey to discover identity and destiny through the metaphor of the movie, The Wizard of Oz as a modern day parable.


Angel currently lives and is based in Spokane, Washington