About GF

Welcome to Global FuZion, the web site of the apostolic and prophetic team of Angel Willson and Grace Wilson. Global FuZion is based in the northwest facilitating prophetic worship and evangelism and seeking revival in our region and worldwide. We partner and mobilize with friends seeking a divine FUZION of gifts and ministries for the endtime move of God and His glory covering the earth. We would love to connect with you!

Global FuZion Vision


We endeavor to activate, promote, equip and provide nurturing and support to people who love God and desire to discover their potentials in their divine purpose.


Our key scripture from Revelation 19:20 is:   “Worship God, for the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus.”  Broken down, this means:   Yield to the Spirit, Who is the Lord, for the spontaneous breath of inspiration brings forth the manifestation of Jesus as He wills.


Most all of our diverse ministries and missions carry the DNA of the spirit of prophecy through music. This is like the school of Samuel, King David and the prophetic music ministry of the tabernacle of David that began to be restored as in days of old, written of in Acts 16:15.   King David instituted a prophetic musical ministry that not only released the glory of God into the atmosphere and brought 33 years of victory over all their enemies, but also carried with it a harvest effect to the nations that came to the manifest glory on Mount Zion.


We start apostolic works of many different kinds, such as “fellowships, conferences, inner city evangelistic movements and works.”  We also provide relational platforms for others, accountability and support for those that get activated and launched through the ministries that are inspired and influenced by our ministry.


We function in all the 5-fold dimensions listed in Ephesians 5:4:   “When Jesus arose, he gave these gifts to the church to build them up, bring them to divine unity, the knowledge of God and to serve them to grow up into full Christ like maturity.”


We believe in divine order of  governmental serving listed in 1 Corinthians 12.  God’s order of importance in the church is first,  Apostles; second, Prophets; third, teachers and so forth.  Foundations have been laid by apostles 2000 years ago, so we just build on that and manifest Kingdom works from scriptural divine order to produce freedom, revelation and activation of identity and destiny, joy, order, peace, unity, love, truth and holiness.


We are part of the entire body of Jesus Christ, worldwide, and endeavor to partner with anyone or ministry that God chooses to have us be in relationship with for whatever purpose He reveals.