Foundation of a Ministry Outreach & Calling

rainbow_shofarAngel received a prophetic word in 2012 from Prophet, Shawn Bolz at the Healing Rooms International.  He said that Lonnie Frisbee, the catalyst of the Jesus People Movement with Calvary Chapel pastor Chuck Smith, and the Vineyard Fellowship with pastor John Wimber in the early 70’s, prophesied a year before he died that God would raise up mighty apostles from the LGBT community to spearhead a great move of God that was coming in the future.


Shawn Bolz prophesied over Angel that he was one of those that Lonnie prophesied about.  He then said that Angel was ready to move into a new realm of authority and power and in the twinkling of an eye, in a very short season that something would happen that would launch him into this.


jesus-people-time-magazineA couple months later,  Angel walked into a conference hosted by Kari Browning of New Renaissance Fellowship in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, and met a speaker by the name of Meri Crouley.  Meri happened to be showing a trailer film about Lonnie Frisbee.  This was about how Lonnie struggled with homosexuality, even though God was using him to spearhead a mighty Southern California move of God.  It was said that Lonnie was dishonored and written out of the history books because of his conflict with homosexuality. Lonnie never said homosexuality was normal and was married to a woman but had conflicts with it at times during his ministry.  He felt that he couldn’t talk to anyone about it and later was found out.  He was wounded by the conflict with himself and with other church fathers, and from a sexual relapse he acquired the HIV virus. It developed into AIDS and he passed away and is currently buried at the Crystal Cathedral.  Before Lonnie passed away, his relationships with church fathers were restored, and also his relationship with the Lord.  The Lord Himself, spoke to Lonnie about a coming move of God that would open the hearts of the LGBT community just like God opened the hearts of the hippies in the 70’s all over the world!



Angel WillSon had an encounter with the Lord in 1983 at the Los Angeles LGBT Pride Parade in the middle of the street.  He completely surrendered his life to the Lord and has been walking the path with the Lord now for 33 years.  Angel has also struggled similarly to Lonnie through inner conflict and reactions to woundings from church leaders.  Angel has persevered even through the conflict and is presently writing a book about his life called, Over the Rainbow- God’s Eye for the Gay Guy.



After meeting Meri Crouley, Meri prophesied over Angel in her conference.  She saw an angel standing by Angel’s side with a double rainbow over his head.  She prophesied over Angel and invited him to share his testimony at her meeting.  After Angel shared his story, Meri invited Angel to come minister with her in Southern California, to share his testimony and work with her on a feature film movie that has been in development for a few years about Lonnie Frisbee, in hopes to bring the gospel of hope and full salvation to the LGBT Community.



Angel has been speaking and leading prophetic worship with Meri Crouley now for over three years in Southern California.  Angel is also part of Meri’s ministry in different arenas. He has appeared several times on Meri’s International TV show, called “Now is the Time,” and has been filmed in a new reality show project on a sizzle reel of a supernatural reality show that is beingpresently pitched to TV networks.



Angel also hosts Meri Crouley in the Spokane, Washington region at times to minister in Global Fuzion events!